Funders and partners


We at The Bridge Plus+ would like to thank our funders, past and present, for their kind and invaluable support. We are especially grateful to our long-standing funders:

  • National Lotteries Community Fund, who were the first to believe in our partnership with New Routes and English+;
  • Septagon Charity, who granted us additional core funding for the first time in 2019;
  • Norfolk Community Foundation, who kept us going in our early days and continue to support us
  • Norwich Consolidated Charities, thanks to whom we are able to access professional interpreting services.

Thanks to our current funders, we have been able to expand our capacity in order to meet the high level of demand for our services.

Our current sources
of income include:

The Children’s Society
The Mercers’ Company (Charity of Sir Richard Whittington)
National Lotteries Community Fund (Partnerships programme)
Norfolk Community Foundation
Norfolk County Council
Norwich City Council (as part of our role in the Financial Inclusion Consortium)
Norwich Consolidated Charities
Septagon Charity


The Bridge Plus+ prides itself in its local reputation and the quality of its collaborative links with a wide range of services and stakeholders.

We currently have regular contacts and working relationships with over 30 statutory and voluntary sector service providers, both at operational and strategic levels.


in 2014, The Bridge Plus+, English+ and New Routes formed the Norwich Integration Partnership. Together, the NIP partners seek to address the disadvantages and challenges faced by these communities, to raise awareness of their struggles and to celebrate the contribution of new communities to Norwich. The three organisations still receive joint funding for their activities through the National Lotteries Community Fund.


The Bridge Plus+ joined the Steering Group of the Norfolk Community Advice Network (NCAN) in August 2020. Other members of the NCAN Steering Group include: Shelter, NCLS (lead body), Equal Lives, MAP, Diss and Thetford Citizens Advice, and Norfolk Citizens Advice, Age UK Norwich and Age UK Norfolk.  NCAN works to ensure that Norfolk residents can access free, good quality social welfare information, advice, assistance and representation at a time when they need it most.

NCAN manages an online referral system which has proved invaluable to The Bridge Plus+ team and service users.

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Norwich CoS

The Bridge Plus+ is one of the four local charities represented on the Steering Group of Norwich City of Sanctuary.

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