Norfolk’s Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities advice & race equality organisation

The Bridge Plus+ has changed the way we offer support to BAME residents:

  • Our support is being conducted over the telephone and all staff members are working from home.
  • Monthly community lunches and other group activities have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Our priority has been to identify service users who are particularly vulnerable, isolated and/or have complex support needs. We have ensured that we are able to keep in touch with them while working away from The Bridge Plus+ offices. They have been ‘allocated’ a member of staff as main point of contact.
  • We will primarily focus on providing information and advice on welfare benefits and housing issues.
  • We are contacting all existing users and other community contacts to let them know how to contact us if they, or someone they know, need help.
  • We share information about the COVID-19 outbreak and Government guidelines (translated materials from Doctors of The World).
  • We continue to advocate on behalf of our service users to ensure their needs and rights are being considered by other services as they are changing their service delivery due to the spread of COVID-19.
  • We are working with our NIP project partners New Routes and English+, as well as other voluntary organisations, to explore and share ideas about how best to support BAME communities during these difficult times. Click here for more details

The way we provide support is regularly being reviewed as the situation continues to evolve and we will let you know if/when it changes.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 07717220209, Monday to Thursday, 10am-3pm.

If you are a service provider, please let us know what changes you have made to your service delivery so we can keep our service users informed.

Domestic Violence Advice & Advocacy project to Support BME Communities


  1. The Bridge Plus+ is a Norfolk based black/Asian and minority ethnic (BME) organisation aimed at improving community cohesion through innovative community engagement activities and service delivery to promote race equality and diversity.
  2. Community engagement-We facilitate community engagement events, activities and training opportunities which build relationships between community members. Our ongoing monthly community cuisines events are funded through different small funding pots.
  3. We champion race equality through our flagship Norfolk Council for Race Equality & Diversity (NCRED) which aims to promote and advocate for race equality and tackle discrimination through partnership working.  Due to lack of funding for this area of work, most of our NCRED objectives are achieved mainly through the direct intervention support provided to BME community members as part of  our  information, advice and advocacy casework. Our race equality work is also reflected through our involvement at different strategic and community levels, where we continue to represent the voice of and play an advocacy role for BME people.
  4. Our Strategic Goals
    1. To engage with diverse community members in ways that will make them become more independent
    2. To raise awareness about gaps in service provision to new and marginalised community members
    3. To promote community engagement as a means to improving community perceptions
    4. To improve the knowledge and confidence of community members
  5. Our Objectives
    1. To facilitate  community events, activities, and training opportunities where people can meet, interact and engage better and increase their understanding of each other.
    2. Empowering community members with knowledge and information through tailored service delivery and ensure that mainstream services providers are able to respond to the needs of the new and diverse communities based on accurate information.
    3. To identify activities of common interest to community members and encourage group activities around those issues which will give us all an opportunity to capture community views and aspirations to better inform local integration policy development.
    4. To develop partnership working relationships with local stakeholders and relieve some pressure from existing service provider by providing an alternative source to go for information, advice and guidance
  6. Legal Structure-The Bridge Plus+ is a not for profit, non partisan voluntary community organisation set up for charitable purposes for the benefit of all community members in Norfolk and is registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No. 7909389. The Bridge Plus+ is run by a management committee of local people. Our committee is supported by a Board of Volunteer Advisors,which includes long standing community members from diverse backgrounds within the voluntary, statutory and community sectors in Norfolk.