Our services

Below is a summary of our key ongoing projects &  planned activities

  1. Information Advice & Guidance (IAG) – we provide information and advice on a range of issues with a focus on BME communities.
  2. Community Engagement/Community Cuisineswe facilitate monthly community cuisines events which provide wider community engagement opportunities for participants from the community, voluntary and statutory sectors.
  3. B-Me Voices Magazine: we launched a magazine (April 2014) with the aim to promote diversity by capturing and sharing the views and aspirations of BME communities. Hard copies of the magazine are distributed throughout the east of England.
  4. Employment Support-following the successful completion of our EU funded Gateway to Employment Project managed by tchc, we continue to provide training and advice to economically inactive individuals to move closer to the job market. Our employment support services aims to address key barriers such as (i) language and communication issues faced by individuals whose first language is not English; (ii) challenges faced by those whose previous work experience has taken place abroad.
  5. Race Equality project-we continue to champion race equality by promoting the 7 priority needs of BME communities in Norfolk identified in Our 2012 race equlaity pilot project report as Housing, Health, Education, Employment, Access to Services, Race Equality and how to positively engage Frontline Staff.
  6. Domestic Violence – Advice & Advocacy (DV-AA) provides practical  specialist support to BME victims (launched June 2016)
  7. Events and activities: We promote diversity through community events (showcasing music by international & local artists), cultural festivals and other international food festivals.
  8. Partnership opportunities: we host other new and existing community groups and project to promote partnership building between different groups. We have established links with all key statutory and voluntary sector organisations in Norfolk.
  9. Training & Workshops: we are constantly looking to work in partnership with other organizations to provide relevant trainings and workshop sessions for both service users and providers.
  10. Other Integration Support services-we assist people with their integration and settlement support needs including accessing local services.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our website, you have a question related to any of our services or want to explore partnership opportunities with us, please don’t hesitate to call us at 01603 617 076 or e-mail office@bridgeplus.org.uk.