BME Community Groups

BME Community Groups in Norfolk – a Directory

This is a draft work in progress being updated. More details is being collated and will be provided for each of the groups.

Most of the information listed was provided by the groups with a few sourced from publicly available sources such as websites and other social media sites. The new list will have a search function.

BME led

  1. AFROLUSO – Portuguese Dance Group in Great Yarmouth
  2. Bulgarians in Norwich & Norfolk (BNN)
  3. Community of Namibians in Great Britain (CNGB)
  4. East Anglian Bangladeshi Islamic Centre (Norwich)- Muslim Place of worship
  5. Ethnic Minority Association of Norfolk (in Great Yarmouth)
  6. Filipino Community Group in Norwich
  7. Filipino Association of West Norfolk
  8. Gambian African Network (GAN)
  9. Gambian Women’s Network Norwich
  10. Ghanaian (Gyenyame) Norwich Residents Group
  11. Hala’s House 2 Home –Arab Speaking support network
  12. Living Waters Pentecostal Fellowship- Zimbabwean Led
  13. NAGO (Norfolk Alliance Gender Organisation) – focused on FGM
  14. Nepalese Community Network
  15. Norfolk Congolese Association (NOCA)
  16. NORFRESA (Norfolk French Speakers Association)
  17. Norwich and Norfolk Muslim Association – Muslim Mosque Dereham Road
  18. Norwich Association of Malayalese-(NAM) Indians
  19. Norwich Chinese Community Centre (NCCC)
  20. Norwich Congolese Community Group
  21. Norwich Ihsan Mosque (CHAPELFIELD MUSLIM MOSQUE)-Place of worship
  22. Norwich Liberal Jewish Community (NLJC)
  23. Norwich United Karate – Congolese Youth support group
  24. One Love United Football Club – Portuguese nationals of Africans ethnic origin
  25. TUTTO Norwich & Italia a Norwich – Italian Community support network
  26. Saudi Society Club of Norfolk
  27. Shia Muslim Community of Norwich/Norfolk
  28. Sikh Temple (Indian) (off Dereham Road )
  29. SIMPLE Norfolk & Inspired Focus in Thetford
  30. Society Alive – Nigerian/African Community Network
  31. Sudanese Community network
  32. Tambai Promotions – African music & dance Group
  33. Tamil Church serving the growing Indian and Sri Lankan community
  34. The Bridge Plus+ – info, advice support organisation for BME people
  35. The Neesa project – Supporting Muslim Women
  36. UEA Islamic Centre (Norwich)- Muslim Mosque Place of worship
  37. WORD Trust International
  38. Zimbabwe Community Association Norwich (ZIMCAN)


Non-BME Led

  1. Amnesty International (Norwich Group)
  2. City Saints In Action
  3. English+
  4. GYROS-Great Yarmouth Resettlement & Orientation Services
  5. KLARS (Kings Lynn Area Resettlement Support)
  6. New Routes Integration Project
  7. Norwich Asylum Seekers and Refugees Forum (NASREF): a multi-agency support network of organisations
  8. Norwich International Youth Project (NIYP)
  9. Ormiston Families at HMP Norwich